Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ma and Pa Kent

You know what I'd like to read? An account of Martha and Jonathan Kent's time before they found Clark.  An account of why they were childless - are they infertile or did they have miscarriages or did they lose a child (children?) towards the end of a pregnancy?  I doubt they lost a child in late pregnancy because I don't characterise them as a couple who would deny that Clark had a sibling.  If a writer were to retcon that in, I'd have problems.  However, I can see that they never fell pregnant or that they had repeated early miscarriages.

In short, I'd like to read about who they were before they became Ma and Pa Kent, and how trying for a child affected them and how they dealt with it.

Has there been a story like this and if so where would I find it?

The Super family books have a lot to say about grief and familial connections and at some point I'll probably write something about Clark, Kara, Ma and Pa Kent, the Els and Linda Danvers.  But not today.

Friday, September 12, 2014

DC's December Darwyn Cooke variants

Oh hell you'll all have seen them by now but they are so damn purdy I want to blog them anyway.

Wonder Woman:
 Teen Titans:
 I love the way this is set up.  Adore it.

The composition is fabulous.

Superman/Wonder Woman:


And hey look, I'm excited about something.  That's progress.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just in case..

.. you were wondering whether to buy, freeze and eat a cadburys neopolitan mini roll:

Don't. They are fucking rank.
The frozen sponge is dry and heavy. The strawberry and gods-know-what other flavour is nasty.  It was not a good taste experience.

I might buy and freeze the regular chocolatey mini rolls though.  My guess is that the sponge will still be rank but the chocolate might be better.

Blech to neopolitan mini rolls.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Crowdfunded publishing

A couple of weeks back I was searching for a distracting, good natured read.  I discovered that Robert Llewellyn, yes, him who played Kryten in Red Dwarf, had written a utopia based on William Morris' News from Nowhere.

I tried reading News from Nowhere at University, when I was doing a module on utopias and dystopias.  I didn't get on with it (the book, not the module).  I just can't get to grips with books that old.  News from Gardenia though is delightful.  A fella from our time is thrown 200 years into the future where most of the world's populations are gardeners and most everyone has free power (a sustainable green future, how awesome!).  Gardenia is the new name for the UK.  It's a world where we got things right!  Given my life recently, this is just what I needed.  It's a good read.  The protagonist is likeable, he's very English, in manner, outlook and vocabulary, which I like a lot

Anyway I get to the end of the book and I discovered that it was crowdfunded!  I know crowdfunded things are everywhere nowadays but the idea of a crowdfunded publishing house is just marvellous to me.

So I looked on the website - - to find out more and they have some quite frankly marvellous sounding titles on offer.  it works as follows:
The author pitches an idea.
Info is put on the website (i'm guessing the bosses at Unbound get to decide who they put on the website).
If you like an idea, you can make a pledge.
If the target number of supporters is made, the writer starts writing.
There are different levels of monetary support you can pledge, with different rewards.
You are kept up to date with the writer's progress.
The book is written, designed, edited and printed (professionally edited, judging by News from Gardenia).
The pledger gets their book - in e format, hardback or paperback.

How delightful.  So I had a look around the site and came up with these titles that I'd like to support (which I'm including here because I want a record of what I liked so I can go back later and pledge!)
Dead Babies and Seaside Towns
News from the Squares - sequel to News from Gardenia. Women do all the governance!
The Wake

I'm quite excited.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Super Sexy Saturday

If you're going to make Supes and Wondy a couple, make them in their early 30s, give Diana her autonomy and make it look like they enjoy each other.  This is a hot illustration (despite the bent back).  The new 52 Supes/Wondy are not hot.

I can see the credit on this picture, but I can't read it well enough to track down the original source.  A reverse image search doesn't help.  Can anyone else help?